There is nothing worse than that feeling that you just got a virus on your computer. Don’t let that dread ruin your day, give me a ring and lets get that pesky thing off your computer. Metz Tech Geek is experience in virus removal of a variety of virus types.

Not sure if you have a virus? I can help you assess what type of issue you are having, and if it is not actually a virus you wont be charged as such.

I want to give you an unbiased assessment of your situation so we can get your computer fixed as fast as possible.

Common signs you need virus removal

Everyone needs an anti-virus

  • Pop-ups / alerts
  • Redirected websites
  • Blue screen errors
  • Internet doesn’t work
  • Desktop icons disappear
  • Slow performance ( this is not always caused by a virus, you may just need a System Tune Up. )

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